So maybe an attendant darted into a tiny bathroom

But they were the first team to face Jackson for a second time since he took over for an injured Joe Flacco as the Ravens’ starter in November, and the Chargers made the proper adjustments. They played safeties at linebacker, meaning there often were seven defensive backs on the field. They gave Jackson nowhere to run, and he could not summon the passing accuracy from the pocket needed to make the Chargers pay until it was too late..

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As noted by Yahoo’s Pat Forde and others, Ole Miss already had received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA in January, detailing alleged violations in three sports: football, women’s basketball and track. Some of those allegations reportedly had to do with Tunsil. Now the NCAA probably has reason to restart that investigation, or at least look into the Tunsil matter more closely.

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I normally don’t work out in the offseason, but I’ve been doing everything five days a week with my trainer. Cardio twice a week. Legs twice a week. Former coach Brian Billick reports, «Warren Moon was absolutely phobic about the length of his nails. Phobic.» They are particular about the texture and surface of the ball, the precise feel in their hands. So maybe an attendant darted into a tiny bathroom with 24 footballs and fidgeted with 11 of them via some sort of pocket gauge in less than 90 seconds..

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